From the moment you visit us to the time you leave, LA Baker strives to provide you with a delightful experience that soothes all your senses. Come visit us in the heart of NYC.

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Joy baked into every bite.


Discover our signature fast food and bakery delights. Indulge in savory favorites and sweet treats, crafted with culinary finesse for an irresistible dining experience.


Dive into BREAD, where bakery meets perfection. Enjoy our signature delights—fluffy classics and artisanal creations crafted for a delightful taste adventure.


Our cookies’ sumptuous, crunchy, and buttery interiors have roots in both Spanish and French baking techniques. Each delicious, buttery bite of our luxury cookies is made with the best ingredients and expertly prepared for consistency in flavor, texture, and aesthetic appeal.

Yogurt Parfait

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