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coffee vs tea which is better

Coffee vs. Tea- Which Dr...

Are you a morning person who wakes up and wants a warm hug of coffee or tea? Having coffee or tea in the morning keeps you fresh and energetic for the rest of the day.

More than 1.3 billion people worldwide start their day with a cup of coffee or tea.

This stat shows us the demand for coffee. We can find two groups of people who need morning drinks in bed. One group loves coffee, and another group loves tea. Coffee vs. Tea has become a famous debate.

Your preference might be coffee or tea but research shows that consistently consuming coffee or tea can have several positive effects on your health. But what is the coffee vs. tea debate? Let’s compare them here and find out who is the winner!

A survey says People Around the World drink tea 4% more than coffee. But still, the debate is here, and let’s find out the answer our way.

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Comparison Factors of Coffee vs. Tea

Coffee and tea are both trendy drinks worldwide. People need coffee or a team to survive the working hours. Even these drinks add work energy to your body. But, based on some factors, we can compare coffee vs. Tea. Let’s get started with the amount of caffeine.

Amount of Caffeine

Coffee has more caffeine than tea. Caffeine levels in coffee range from 95 to 200 mg. The caffeine content of black tea ranges from 14 to 70 mg. Between 24 to 45 mg of caffeine are found in green tea. Between 6 and 60 mg of caffeine are found in white tea. Remember one thing, excessive amounts of caffeine can create a negative impact on the human body. So, if you take one or three-four cups of coffee a day it is fine! Not more than that! However, in terms of coffee vs tea caffeine, coffee wins if we measure the amount of caffeine.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Medical studies show that green tea improves the condition of blood pressure and also cholesterol. On the other hand, black coffee can improve blood pressure and also heart disease. Here, coffee is better as it gives you more. energy than tea and improves your blood pressure and heart condition. In blood pressure coffee vs tea, coffee wins!

Weight Loss

Among many types of tea, Green tea helps to lose weight. It has zero calories and it can also burn fats. Contrarily, coffee can improve your metabolism and make you feel full, but not to the extent that it helps in weight loss. So, green tea works more effectively than coffee for weight loss. Here, tea is better than coffee. So, tea wins here in the debate of coffee vs tea for weight loss.


Coffee and tea both of them are popular, and people love to consume them. The popularity of coffee and tea varies from country to country. For example, in China, India, and other South Asian countries, tea is trendy. On the other hand, in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA, coffee is more popular than tea.

Tea is known as the second most popular drink in the world, where coffee holds the first position. But, again, it depends on the geographical position of the counties.
Making a comparison based on popularity between coffee and tea is quite tricky. So here, in the debate, coffee vs. tea popularity, both of them win.

Health Benefits

Coffee lovers can take a cup of fiber, healthy microbiomes, and a lowered risk of diabetes and cancer. Not only this, but also coffee reduces depression, promotes liver health, and improves skin.

But tea lovers should not give up hope. When it comes to tea, black tea is emerging in this industry because it has health benefits.

A study shows us, in 2021, in America, people consumed more than 80% black tea (Teacoffee99)

Your blood pressure, cholesterol, stress levels, mental wellness, and productivity are all positively impacted by tea. However, in terms of health benefits, coffee has more advantages than tea. So, here coffee is better than tea, and yes! Coffee wins!

Who Is The Winner Finally?

After so many comparisons, we are almost at the end of our debate! So, what do you think? Who is the winner?

Tea and Coffee are Both Loved by People!
Choosing One Is Challenging! But the Debate Wins COFFEE!

Coffee wins most factors like the amount of caffeine, health benefits, and controlling blood pressure, whereas tea wins only one factor, which is weight loss. They together win the popularity factor, so in the end, coffee wins.

But are they good for your health? Let’s find the answer in the next section.

Are Tea and Coffee Good For Health?

Tea and coffee are both good for health. As we mentioned before, coffee keeps your body energetic, reduces depression, lowers the risk of diabetes, improves heart condition, blood pressure along with cholesterol, and so on. On the other hand, tea helps to burn fat and stress levels, increases mental focus, and many more. )

Tea and coffee are good for your health, but you should know that drinking them in excessive amounts is not suitable for your health. Having them too much can create health issues.

So how much should one drink tea or coffee in a day?

4 cups (945 ml) for coffee and 3-4 cups (710-950 ml) for tea (Source: Healthline.)

Now you know how much you can drink tea or coffee a day! If you drink more than that, then it will hurt your body! So remember this fact and enjoy your drink!

What Is Better for Your Body Coffee or Tea?

In this battle of coffee vs. tea, coffee is better for the human body as coffee has many benefits for human health that we have already shared in our ‘Health Benefits.’ section. Tea also has some positive impacts on human health. But, when you have to choose between coffee and tea, select coffee, as coffee is better for your body.

Choose Coffee to Lead A Healthy Life

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Finally, we are at the end of our article! Now you know that in the coffee vs. tea debate, coffee wins. But it doesn’t mean that tea doesn’t have good points. Tea is also suitable for health. But, when it comes to coffee vs. tea, coffee is better than tea. So, choose your favorite drink between them, whichever suits you and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Have Tea and Coffee Both in One Day?

Yes, you can have both in one day. A clinical study found that having both in a single day can reduce the threat of dementia and stroke.

Is it suitable for the body to have tea in the afternoon and coffee in the morning?
Yes, it is suitable. Limiting your morning coffee intake to one or two cups and switching to green tea in the afternoon might be one method to strike a balance.

2. Can Coffee Cure Anxiety?

Yes, of course! If you have 3-4 cups of coffee a day, it will reduce your anxiety.

Is It Fine to Have Coffee or Tea on an Empty Stomach?
No! Having coffee or tea on an empty stomach can form gas in your digestive system! So be careful.

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